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About Us


"Kon-Thai driving school provides learner drivers with careful instruction and support right up to the point where you achieve your provisional licence".


Kon-Thai driving school started with the idea to share our experience and knowledge of driving with anyone interested in pursuing an Australian Licence. Our unique strength is having bilingual instructors who can teach you in both Thai and English - whichever you prefer!


Our chief instructor shares:


"I was very nervous when I first started learning how to drive in Australia. I had been driving in Thailand for over 7 years. But....


How are the rules different in Australia?

How do state rules differ?

Is it hard to get an Australian licence?

How can I get through that roundabout?

What is parallel parking? What is a hook turn?"

All these questions were running around in my head.

Life opportunities brought me to be a part of a Driving Mentors Program at the Police Citizen Youth Club (PCYC, Cairns) for a year. Now a confident driver in Australia, I am ready to be your friendly advisor and instructor. Liz,"


Getting a license is never easy... especially when English is not your first language! With Kon-Thai, you are in very good hands. Don't let fear get in your way, we are here to help you.


"Let's go for a drive!"

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